Love Story Guest House Facade, Paul Roux, Free State, South Africa


The Love Story Guest House

Love Story is a unique four-bedroom guesthouse in the quaint Free State town of Paul Roux. If the walls could whisper, they would tell of many love stories from the past, the relics of which still reside in the guest house.

XoXo Suite at Love Story Guest House, Paul Roux, Free State, South Africa
Love Story Guest House Bathroom, Paul Roux, Free State, South Africa
The Day We Met Suite at Love Story Guest House, Paul Roux, Free State, South Africa

Our Charming Sandstone Inn

If you’ve ever dreamt of sleeping in Rapunzel’s country house or living in a characterful woodland sandstone house like Snow White and the 7 dwarfs (minus the evil witch, of course), then this enchanting “Love Story” is sure to delight. Walking through the house is like a tour through a storybook of fairy-tale memories, that appear plucked from the pages of classic novels. For a little taste of magic please visit our enchanting home… The password at the gates of entry is “A Kiss For Sleeping Beauty”.

Our Love Story

The tale of the Love Story Guesthouse started a long, long time ago.

In the distant town of Romani, lived a beautiful gypsy girl. She was a fortune teller by day, to the Countess of Parma, but at night time disappeared to visit her secret boyfriend. Her family would have put a spell of death on her love if they ever would have found out about their affair.

Her magic, card reading and beauty were known throughout the woods. Travelling from village to village, the showing of gypsy magic was not enough for her. She longed for a life far, far away with her secret man, whom she loved so deeply. So, every day she would create garments of distinction and practice the airs and graces of the Countess. Eventually, she was satisfied with her transformation. Not knowing where to run to, she blindfolded herself and pinned a place on a map. She fled with her love to the pinned town of Paul Roux.

The small town of Paul Roux was their hiding place where they opened an Inn and called it “Love Story”. In Paul Roux, they wove a tapestry of love tales. A glamorous Contessa was born where she still to this day lives in secret, happily ever after with her secret lover.

Love Story Guest House Interior, Paul Roux, Free State


This beautiful rustic country-style guesthouse consists of 4 en-suite bedrooms:

En-suite 1 – The Day We Met

En-suite 2 – Forever Your Girl

En-suite 3 – I Do

En-suite 4 – Xoxoxo.


The house is filled with beautiful wooden floors and sandstone details, soft towels, private bathrooms and free toiletries. The beds, of course, are fit for a king and his queen.

The interior décor is a collection of beauty over years with love stories to tell.


Our kitchen is the heart of the home. Everyone is welcome to make use of the kitchen.

Simply infuse love into your cooking, baking or dishes. Our kitchen rules:

  • Stops your pots from boiling over
  • Keeps you from oversalting food
  • Prevents things from burning
  • Ensures that spices are mixed well
  • Drives away negative influences
  • Brings the kitchen luck.

Cook with love, and if you cook up a love potion, we want some as well!


Relax on the large north-facing patio or on the south-facing terrace. Or head inside for a cosy evening next to the fireplace.

We have an outdoor fireplace, picnic area, sun terrace, BBQ facilities and a large garden for all your pets to enjoy.


O, By The Way, we are very pet friendly. You are welcome to bring from Fang, the Great Dane in Harry Potter to Norbert the Dragon (as long as he does not spit fire). They will enjoy our big garden. Please bring pet beds so that your pets feel at home.




Family room

Shared lounge

Non-smoking rooms

Designated smoking area

Accessible onsite parking for all types of chariots


Tours or classes about the local culture

Bike tours

Walking tours

Pub crawls

Art gallery

Game drives

Horse riding




Daily housekeeping
Private check in/check out


Gobbledegook (the language of the Goblins from Gringott’s Widarzing in the Harry Potter Universe).


Yes, we have, and the password is “MickeyMinnieGoofyPluto” because it says that your password has to have at least four characters.


What People are Saying

“A Great Find”

I am so glad I found out about the gorgeous town of Paul Roux. We had a wonderful weekend with a really comfortable stay at Love Story. The service was excellent and it’s one of a kind!  ”


“A Memorable Experience”

“Love Story was a great find for us. Quaint, beautifully decorated and an overall wonderful experience. Highly recommended!” “


“A Wonderful Stay”

My wife and I are always looking for unique, pet-friendly experiences for weekends away. Love Story did not disappoint. It was such a great experience that transported us to another era and our dogs loved it too.



Love Story is a truly remarkable guest house – unlike anything I have ever seen before. It lived up to its description and literally left me speechless.”


Hours of Operation

9am – 6pm

Drop Us a Line

Don’t be shy. Let us know if you have any questions!